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Okay, Semi Dead

2011-11-02 04:50:12 by nstriker

Been busy, really busy, and every time I try to make RED, I swear, something comes up. So got a move planned, that's going to be fun, currently have no place to stay, couch surfing for the win.

So yea, I'll see what happens.

Not Dead

2011-05-02 02:26:51 by nstriker

Hey lookie here, not dead, and a picture for you.

Not Dead

so yea...

2010-11-10 14:49:40 by nstriker

I think I'm done animating, I don't feel any drive for it anymore, it really just kinda gets on my nerves now when ever i attempt ti make something, which is kinda sad considering I have a massive amount of unfinished projects sitting on my hard drive. I'm not leaving NewGrounds by the way, I'm just going to be one of those guys that here to watch the animations and rate them, simple as that. I also don't think I'll give Flash up entirely, I might still make some weapon packs for the Madness series, or hell for anybody who wants them, I have pages of notebook ideas for weapons, plus a few flash files already for some. So my last point here, is does anybody want my old project files? These files being Intermad, Insertion, and other files I've tried to turn into movies? Of course they'll come with any and all character designs I have attempted to make.

Anyway, hit mt up with a PM if you want any of them, other wise, till something intreseting happens to me,


The Original Ever Accurate N_StriKer

so yea...


2010-08-03 05:16:49 by nstriker

It's my birthday today.

and I was paging through my sketchbook and came across thisold design.

A quick trace in flash and I thought I would ask you all what you think?

So striker may get a small bit in my MD10 animation


2010-06-18 18:31:16 by nstriker

Draws closer every day, and as Karthon spoiled in my last post (or was that me?) I'm working on a largish movie for MD10, while its not Insertion, it is directly related to Insertion. So after spending about two hours on one of the backgrounds, I thought I might update with a picture.




Smallish Update

2010-05-02 04:15:00 by nstriker

A friend of mine drew a sword in class, looked kinda intrsting, anyway, its rough, very rough, drawn at 3:34 am after not seeing it for a few hours.

Smallish Update

Found my Keys

2010-04-27 05:35:58 by nstriker

So I was able to log a few solid hours into my designs.....speaking of.....

The SNS need a poster boy, how about this gent?

Found my Keys

Got a New Laptop

2010-04-16 13:49:21 by nstriker

Whoots this thing hauls, I love it, sadly, I couldn't find my Flash and Fireworks Codes, found the discs, but no codes, yay. Anyway, basically till I get a chance to look harder I'll be out of the flash game for a while until I get it set up on my new laptop.

Oh and here's my new laptop.

Hmmm, A new foe-with BIG guns

2010-04-09 05:20:45 by nstriker

So, I decided instead of using the tired and true Smithy's for Insertion I would build an archetype for em, and while I'm still working on the tweaks with their body armor and stuff, I have for you, their Heavy Assault Load-out. Out of the five different Load-Outs this one is the:

"Get in quick, and fuck em up into so many pieces, and get out" Load-Out

Each gun is designed to cause as much damage as humanly possible in extremely short amounts of time. Each weapon come with a Burst Fire, Fully Automatic and, Single Fire Modes.

First up is the Metor 3C-J; Rocket Launcher:

This weapon was designed in the year 2825 as an anti-infantry and light vehicles weapon. With a Box and an auto feeder on the top, this Launcher can spit out its load of 4 Rockets in under 15 seconds while in Fully Auto Mode, In Burst Mode it fire its Rockets in pairs, and Single Fire, one at a time. It's recommend that you don't use Fully-Auto Mode unless both Launcher and Solider are braced as recoil can throw off aim to the extent of causing unpleasant ends.

Second is the Bruiser MK-S; Assault Rifle:

Devolved in the year 2745 this weapon quickly earned its place in the "One Shot, One Kill" category and became a favorite among soldiers of all types. Supporting a fully automatic compression system this gun can empty out its rather large .40 shells with minimum recoil. In Fully Automatic it can drain its 27 round clip in under 10 seconds while still keeping a decidedly good set point on target. Burst Fire lets loose 3-Round Bursts that tear through most armor, Single Fire draws out 1 round at a time with out ever affecting weapon accuracy. Now more then 500 years old this design is still considered the normal since they have not thought of a way to make it anymore deadly.

Last is the AR-14; Assault Shotgun:

Designed in the year 2840 this weapon was quickly declared illegal due to the fact that the shells loaded into the 35 round drum were 12 gauge shells lined with Titonix, which allows it to rip through almost all metal of the known Earth. Because of this though the ammo is horrendously expensive unless you mine the ore and mix the Titonix Alloy yourself. Aside from the cost preventing this from being used as a casual gun this shotguns Fully Automatic fire can empty the Drum in under 15 seconds, of course if not properly braced accuracy is gone after the first three shots, but after that you don't need to use anymore. Burst Fire dishes out the payload in five round bursts, devastating most targets. Single Fire mode brings the pain one round at a time but will make the ammo last longer.

By the way, This is an archetype I want people to see, so this post will be updated with new things as I go for them.

Hmmm, A new foe-with BIG guns